Spark CrossFit – Challenge

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Joint Prep Warm up (No Measure)

10 x each

-Neck right & left

-Neck up & down

-Neck crescent

-forward shoulder rolls

-backward shoulder rolls

-arm circles forward (getting bigger)

-arm circles backward (getting bigger)

-crossbody hugs

-trunk twist

-hip circles

-knee circles

-ankle circles

-leg swings forward and back

-leg swings side to side

-air squats

Challenge Bx, abs, lunges (Time)

10 box jumps

10 v-ups

10 step back lunges with DB’s

10 russian twist with 1x DB

10 DB push press

7 rounds

(25:00 time cap)


Box Jumps > Step ups

V-ups > Situps

Stepback Lunge > remove weight