1609587_645725785484316_1865123425_nWhen I first started CrossFit, I remember that it was not customary for gyms to post workouts in advance. Back then, it was all about showing up to be prepared for whatever was going to get thrown at you that day. We’d show up for class, walk up to the board and say our prayers, then take it head on. That’s what CrossFit is all about, being ready for the unknown and unknowable.

I’ve posted workouts in advance out of convenience and as a luxury to our members but I can’t help but feel like we have some “cherry pickers”. Cherry picking is staring at the workout the night before and finding a way to mindfuck yourself out of doing it so you don’t have to do something you might not be good at. I routinely get asked what the workout is tomorrow, especially if it is not posted by 7pm the night before.

I promise you this is going to hold back your fitness, we program to make sure there are no holes in your fitness. Some days its heavy, some days its high skill, some days its more cardio intensive. It’s not random, there is a balance, by cherry picking you are disrupting the balance. Don’t do it.