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High-Intensity Interval Training for All-Levels!

Ignite is our All-levels HIIT class!

Ignite is an exciting interval-style training class. After quick warm-up, Athletes will start at different exercise stations and rotate through with periods of rest in between working sets. The Ignite circuit is a little different everyday which keeps the workout fun and engaging.

What’s interesting about HIIT styled workouts? It allows everybody, especially beginners, to get their body moving and heart-rate into optimal zones for fat burning and muscle building, while the brief rest intervals allow recovery time between movements.

Here are a few of the exercises you might find in the Ignite HIIT WOD (workout of the day):

Battle ropes
Bear crawls
Box jumps
Jump rope
Plate presses
Slam Balls
Sledgehammer strikes
Tire flips
Medicine Balls
And more you haven’t even thought of (but we have!)

Simple bodyweight, gymnastics, and light lifting movements for a high-energy workout. Action-packed, fun, and super sweaty!