Camille wears them!

A couple members have asked about knee sleeves and knee support. I think everyone should have a pair of these in their gym bag, especially if you have chronic or acute knee issues. An added benefit is they usually help people squat a little more upon first wear by supporting the knee in proper position under load.

I created this post to compare models, I’ve owned and wore most of these at some point and can say I generally got what I paid for, cheaper ones didn’t last as long as the neoprene wore out and had less support over time. Rehbands are priced and sold as singles so make sure to buy two if you are look for both legs.

If possible, please buy using the links to each model posted below as it helps support the gym a tiny bit.

Rehband 5mm
Perfect for CrossFit, weightlifting, powerlifting and all around use, the 5mm is free moving but still very supportive. These will give your knee support and often help you squat a little more weight will allowing you to do things like burpees and box jumps if needed, they just started coming out with these in a range of new colors:

Rocktape 5mm
Rocktape has recently come into this market and offers a comparable product, I have not tried them as Rehbands have been very proven for most athletes and are most trusted, however, the price is a little fairer on these as they are priced per pair and they may be just as good, they seem to be getting good reviews:

Rehband 7mm
For strictly lifting or a heavier bodyweight CrossFitter, the Rehband 7mm are much thicker and not as free moving in a WOD but will give added support with heavy squatting movements over the 5mm versions. I generally slide these off if I am doing a WOD and I need to move a little faster and there is no squatting. I will wear them for wall balls and higher rep squatting movements as I like the support:

Tommy Kono
Tommy Kono’s are your old school weightlifting knee sleeves. A lot of lifters like these but I don’t see a lot of CrossFitter’s wearing them and they don’t come highly recommended for anything besides weightlifting. Like the 7mm above, they are designed for heavier lifting and may not be comfortable or allow free enough movement for a metcon. Very fairly priced as a pair: