Spark CrossFit – LIFT

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Skill/Practice for Quality

A1: Press In Clean (Sots Press) (4-4-4)
EMOM x 3

A2: Snatch Balance (2-2-2)

EMOM x 3

Keep it light. Focus on the catch & decent


B: Snatch Complex ((1+1) x 6)

Hang Snatch + Power Snatch

Every 1.5 minutes

Build as you go

C: Hang Power Clean + Jerk ((2+1) x 5)

Push Jerk for Today

Every 1.5 minutes

Build as you go

Strength Work

D: Good Mornings (10-10-10-10)

20-40% of the lifter’s best back squat

Strength Accessory & Core

3 sets

E1 – Upper Back Extensions x 10-20 reps

*Make sure the weight doesn’t exceed your ability to extend the upper back as far as your mobility allows

E2 – Double DB Row x 10-12

E3 – Chin-Ups x Max Reps