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Spark CrossFit – MOVE

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MOVE Warmup 2 (No Measure)

:30 of each movement

*together as a group:

2 rounds

Jog in place

Jumping Jacks

Lizard Stretch R

Lizard Stretch L

Good Mornings

Single Leg Windmill Twists R

Single Leg Windmill Twists L

Inch Worms


Air Squats

-:30 rest after each round-

Windmill Twists

MOVE HIIT 2/11/18 (6 Rounds for reps)

3 Rounds: 1:00 Stations

*:20 transition b/t Stations / 1:00 Rest b/t Rounds

STATION 1: Max Air Squat

STATION 2: Max Squat Hold

STATION 3: Max Push-Up

STATION 4: Max Plank (on hands) Hold

MOVE BURN 2/11 (No Measure)


:30 DB Push Press

:15 DB Overhead Hold

:20 rest

:30 DB Bent Over Rows

:15 Top of DB Row Hold

:20 rest