Because Your Can’t Outwork Poor Nutrition!

The biggest part of adopting and having success with a lifestyle transformation is your diet

Here at Spark our focus is not solely on fitness, that would be shortsighted. Instead we focus on the entire continuum of wellness, which includes movement, nutrition and recovery. Most gyms will give you access and coach you through your workout, but your results will always be limited or short-lived without continued support in fueling your body appropriately

What’s different about Spark nutrition? We HATE diets! You heard us right. Why? Because restrictive, short term dieting has a low degree of compliance and usually only adds stress. Eating less doesn’t work, severely restricting usually backfires.

We prefer a sustainable approach instead. Our meal plans are written custom for our members based on the results of a complete body composition scan from our InBody BIA Analyzer.

How’s Spark’s meal plan work?

Having decades of experience and 100’s of success stories, we have an ever evolving approach that is based largely on results. We’ve found there is no “one sized fits all” approach. Instead of focusing on painstaking things like calories or macros, we have our clients focus on proper portions of foods from our comprehensive food list. And don’t worry, you won’t be hungry, it’s PLENTY of food and it’s flexible enough for you to order from any menu.

Your assigned coach will review your weekly food journal (from our amazingly easy to use nutrition app) and make adjustments week-by-week along with supportive coaching. Lastly, we aren’t taking you fishing, we are TEACHING you how to fish here.

All new members with Unlimited Memberships at Spark start with a complete nutrition assessment with a certified coach, body composition analysis scan and custom meal plan!

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