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Spark CrossFit – Challenge

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Warm-up (No Measure)

At easy to moderate pace:

3:00: Bike

25ft high knees

25ft butt kickers

25ft walking toe touch

25ft toy soldiers

50ft side shuffle

50ft carioca

25ft inch worms (no pushup)

25ft super marios


Coach will brief you on the workout, demonstrate rowing technique and other movements.

Tabata Blast 1 (AMRAP – Reps)

Tabata Calorie Row

-rest 1 Minute-

Tabata Burpees

-rest 1 Minute-

Tabata Box Jumps or Step-ups

-rest 1 Minute-

Tabata L seated DB Press
stay light on the seated DB press!


Easy Bike for 5:00

Cool Down

Cool Down (No Measure)

1:00 each leg pigeon stretch

1:00 each leg lizard

1:00 each arm scorpion