Breathe, sweat and challenge yourself with a unique class!

MOVE is our All-levels FIT class for those looking to SWEAT!

You’ll never know what you’ll face with MOVE. Fun, high intensity circuits? Tabatas? Partner workouts? Yes, yes, and yes! Your muscles won’t know what hit them.

The warmup is usually about 10-15 minutes long and often consists of a short run or row along with a few other exercises to get the blood flowing. Next up? The FIT TEST. This is a 1-3 minute challenge that will help you document your progress. It too varies each day. One day you might be tested to see how many air squats you can do in two minutes; on another you might be asked to count your Russian kettlebell swings.

After a bit of ab/core work, your body will be ready to dive right into the main segments of the workout. Usually these consist of a variety of circuits that will challenge you and push you. Here are a few of the exercises you might find in the MOVE workout of the day:

Battle ropes
Bear crawls
Box jumps
Jump rope
Plate presses
Pullups and chinups
Slam Balls
Sledgehammer strikes
Tire flips
Wall walks
And more you haven’t even thought of (but we have!)

Simple bodyweight, and light lifting movements for a high-energy workout. Action-packed, fun, and super sweaty! 

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