It’s that time of the year. Maybe you’re feeling a little regretful about your diet over the Holiday season or are just ready to commit to leaning up. There is no doubt that excess body fat and/or a poor diet is costing you performance at the box. No worries, we got you covered. Coach Erin will be heading up a 45 day challenge starting on Monday, January 19th. We will cover many different dieting/lifestyle protocols (zone, paleo, macro-based, back-loading, etc), we will explain the differences between them and which one may be right for you. We will be logging and reviewing your intake along the way.

This challenge will NOT be focused around bodyweight. Rather it will be measured on lean mass and body fat percentage, which is a far more accurate way of comparing your body composition before and after. The challenge will include a before and after body fat assessment using Bod Pod. Bod Pod is the most accurate way to test your body’s composition. Bod Pod will be coming to the gym on January 19th and this must be booked in advance.

By improving your diet and lifestyle habits outside the gym in combination with training regularly you will see incredible improvements in 45 days. We have run this type of challenge at our previous facility the past two years and have partook in challenge at other gyms prior to opening Black Storm and we have seen people cut their body fat percentage in half in 45 days. A result of decreasing body fat usually carries over to dramatic reduction on the scale as well.

diet before and afterThis is not only for those in need of losing excess body fat, but would also be ideal for training athletes who have put on a “winter coat” from bulking or excess calorie intake during the holiday season. I did exactly this a few years back when I first started CrossFit. I was already fairly athletic and lean but I committed went from 14% body fat to 6.5% while seeing an 1% increase in lean mass in 45 days (see picture!). So I actually gained muscle while losing a significant amount of body fat. I increased all my lifts during this time frame and became an absolute machine on body-weight movements. It was a great lifestyle adjustment as well, I still practice things I first learned during that 45 day challenge. I learned how to eat well while traveling, what bad calories really looked like and how to plan cheat meals to actually benefit my training and recovery.

Coach Erin has also used many mentioned dieting protocols to go from over 160 pounds in 2008 to 120 pounds currently without placing a priority on what the scale reads. She has since compete in multiple Figure and CrossFit competitions along the way.552616_10151898511405538_377681763_n

You must book your space ahead to partake in the challenge. The total cost will be $89, with $59 going directly to Bod-Pod for your before and after testing. We will take before and after photos (optional) and use the proceeds to support additional coaching and hold a few educational gatherings and healthy eating potlucks along the way. Let us know if you are interested in registering as much in advance as possible.