Spark CrossFit – Weightlifting & Barbell

Warm Up and Skill

– 750/600m Row or 1.0/.8mile Bike

– Joint Prep

– Barbell Warm-up


Welcome to week 3!

For this first 6 weeks, we will alternate Snatch variations in weeks 1, 3, and 5 and Clean & Jerk variations in weeks 2, 4, and 6. Strength work will rotate between pressing, pulling, and squatting, and accessory work will focus on core stabilization and functional mobility.

A: 3-Position Power Snatch (Hip, Above Knee, Below Knee + OHS after each)

15min to build to a heavy but stable complex

This reads:

Hang Power Snatch (Hip)


Hang Power Snatch (AK)


Hang Power Snatch (BK)


Jumping forward will be considered a missed lift

Strength Work

B: 3-Postion Snatch Deadlift (5×3 Complexes)

1ā€ off floor, At Knee, Hip
3min Clock

Goal: >90% of best Snatch

Strength Accessory & Core

C1: KB ā€œZā€ Press; 3×10/side

C2: Strict Pullup; 3×10 (Use a band if needed, yes you)

C3: Barbell Roll-outs; 3×10