Spark CrossFit – Weightlifting & Barbell

Warm Up and Skill

– 750/600m Row or 1.0/.8mile Bike

– Joint Prep

– Barbell Warm-up


Welcome to week 3 of this 12-week cycle! For this first 6 weeks, we will alternate:

– Snatch variations in weeks 1, 3, and 5 and Clean & Jerk variations in weeks 2, 4, and 6

– Strength work between pressing, pulling, and squatting

– Accessory work with a focus on core stabilization and functional mobility

Work hard to develop good habits to build a solid foundation for when we crank up the intensity toward the end of the year! TECHNIQUE IS EVERYTHING!

A: 3 Position Clean + Jerk (Hip, Above Knee. Below Knee + 3 Jerks)

1 high hang clean + 1 low hang clean + 1 clean from ground + 1 Jerk

Starting with an empty bar, build up to a challenging complex while making technique a priority. The 3 position clean is a great opportunity for learning and position work. Today is not a max day so save that for another time.
15min to build to a strong and stable max.

**Please ignore the above description**


– Deadlift the bar to the power position (Vertical torso, knees bent).

– USING NO WIND-UP (dip/drive), violently extend hips, knees, & ankles, then pull yourself under the bar.

– Return to the hip, trace down the thigh, pause at the knee, then change direction and complete the lift

– Repeat below the knee, then complete 3 Jerks.

Draw a line on the floor and line up with it for each rep. JUMPING FORWARD WILL BE CONSIDERED A MISSED LIFT. Having to take a small step or two forward to save a lift is

Strength Work

B: Box Squat (5×5)

Find a box or bench that allows you to squat just to parellel, but not lower. Focus on keeping a rigid core, touching down softly and driving heels in to the floor, squeezing the butt to stand back up.
Give athletes 5-6min to build, then start a 2min clock and build across 5 sets

Goal: 85%+ Max Back Squat

Strength Accessory & Core

C1: Plate OH Walking Lunges; 3×10/leg

*Lock elbows overhead and pull the ribs down

C2: Walking Planks; 3×10/side

*Start on forearms, replace elbows with hands and vice versastarting 10 with the left arm and 10 with the right

C3: DB/KB Jefferson Curls; 3×30-45sec

*Stand on edge of box and hang/decompress spins while stretching hamstrings