Spark CrossFit – Weightlifting & Barbell

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Warm Up and Skill

– 3min Row

– Joint Prep Routine

– Dynamic Line Drills

– Barbell Warm-up


Snatch Complex (Slow Snatch + OHS, Snatch)

20min to build to a heavy complex, keeping the first 12min under 50% of best snatch

Strength Work

Snatch Pull Complex (4-Position Floating Pulls (Hip, AK, BK, Floor))

5-6 sets over 15min, building gradually and focusing on holding positions

Strength Accessory & Core

A1. Tempo Push-ups (42X1); 3×10-12

A2. Tempo Ring Rows (3031); 3×10-12

A3. Barbell Oblique Twists; 3×20