Spark CrossFit – Weightlifting & Barbell

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Warm Up and Skill

– 3min Row/Bike/Jump Rope

– Joint Prep

– Line Drills

– Barbell Warm-up


A: Clean + Jerk Complex (3-Position Hang Clean (Hip, AK, BK) + Push Jerk)

10min to build to a tough triple

B: Clean + Jerk Complex (Hang Clean (Hip) + Jerk)

10min to continue in weight from previous section

Strength Work

C: Snatch Grip Push Press (3RM (Rebounding))

15min to hit a max set of 3. Glue the feet down!!

Strength Accessory & Core

D1. DB Bench Press; 3×8-10

D2. Single Arm DB Bentover Row; 3×8-10

D3. Split Squat w/ Barbell Overhead; 3×8-10/leg