The CrossFit Games Open starts in two weeks, for those of you who aren’t sure about it or don’t know enough to consider signing up, here is a little info about the open.

What is the CrossFit Games Open? The Open is 5 weeks long, only one workout is released each week, in the past this has been on Thursday night, allowing until Monday mid-day to post your final score. You scores will rank alongside every other score in the world on the CrossFit Games website. In 2014 there were over 100,000 participants from all corners of the world. The Open takes the top 40 male and female scores from pre-determined regions and invites those athletes to Regionals, at Regionals athletes compete to decide which 3 men and 3 ladies will go to the CrossFit Games in California. Only 40 men and 40 ladies from the 100,000’s go to the CrossFit Games where they compete to decide who is the Fittest on Earth.

What are the Workouts like? It’s the same stuff we do almost every day at Black Storm. You won’t be seeing different movements you are not familiar with if you’ve been doing CrossFit for more than a month or two. In fact, the program we have been following has been an “Open Prep” cycle. Things like Thrusters, Snatches, Burpees, Rowing, Box Jumps are all the common movements of the open and we have been doing tons of them. The workouts are usually simple in design for easy scoring and usually AMRAPS, even though we had a “for time” workout at the end of last year for the first time.

Where are the workouts done and how do I submit my score? The workouts are released at a weekly release party that CrossFit HQ puts on, we will stream at the box on Thursday nights, the past couple years they have had two top CrossFitters do the workout live on that stream. All workouts for the Open are done at your home affiliate box. So Black Storm will be hosting the workouts here for all local athletes and its member, more than likely we will make Friday’s workout the most recent Open workout release. Your score must be judged by a certified judge and validated by the gym itself.

I am not yet as fit as I want to be and am not competitive in class regularly, should I do the Open? Yes, especially this year, they now have a scaled division so you can still submit a score and get a ranking. Even in the past, without a scaled division, I have seen athletes PR all kinds of things from Overhead Squats to someone getting their first Chest to Bar pull ups just to be able to post a score.

What does it cost and how do I register? It’s only $20, all of which goes to CrossFit HQ to run the CrossFit Games. You register at .

How does the gym benefit then? We benefit by having good representation in the Open. Having a lot of scores entered on the leaderboard each week, regardless of rank, lets other gyms know our members have a drive and that we have a great community supporting our members.

I have been doing CrossFit a while now but I don’t Compete, why should I do the Open? Wait… So you chose a type of fitness where things are done in a competitive setting on a daily basis and are scored for load, time or reps? One word….Zumba. But seriously, the essence of CrossFit is that regardless of what anyone says, it is not only fitness but also a competitive sport. It’s what makes it different from all other types of fitness. We don’t expect our members to compete all the time, but the open should be the one time of the year that you test your fitness in a competitive arena so you can not only set baselines for future goals but to also experience what it is like to compete. There is no more comfortable place to do it than your home gym and we will be doing the workouts on Friday’s anyways, so why not register, enter your scores and represent your gym?

My first Open was 3 months into CrossFit, I couldn’t do Chest to Bar pullups or Snatch very much weight. Like many people I was wondering what was the point, but my competitive side said to go for it. I finished somewhere in the 50 percentile of athletes, meaning half the world was fitter than me. Ever since then I have used the Open as my primary gauge of fitness, it’s my constant baseline. I think this is how most people should use the Open. My aspirations for going to the Regional level are little to none and that shouldn’t be motivation to compete in the open for most of us. 99.9% of us, self included, are not going to the Games but not being the best at something is never a good reason not to do it.

We intend to build an atmosphere around the Open. We will open our doors to other local athletes who are looking for a place to complete the Open workouts. We will gather to watch the workout release parties on the screens every Thursday night. We will have BBQ’s on the weekends  after we gather to complete the workouts. Members will be sharing tips on how to get a better score and be more efficient. You’ll check the Open leaderboard every ten minutes, all weekend after you make your first run at a workout to see who you’re beating and who beats you. We will all commiserate about how awfully sore we are the day after. It will take the best parts of our gym and make them even better.