Workout of the Day, 01/10/2019


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Spark CrossFit – MOVE + LIFT

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Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Rounds…

1:30 Row (1:00 moderate / :30 recover)

10 DB Sumo DL (workout weight)

:20 DB Front Rack Hold (solid rack and midline)

10 Up-Downs (no weight)

:20 Bar Hang


Metcon (Time)


250m Row

10 DB Burpees (25/15)

5 Strict Pull-ups

Rx+= (35,25)
Longer duration 25 minute cap, moderate to high volume, moderate on the loading. This workout will tax their pulling capacity and their grip endurance. Muscular fatigue will likely be the stopper versus cardiovascular endurance.

Time on the rower should not exceed 1:30 every round including transition time, athletes should be able to hold a 2:00 pace or lower. For the 10 DB Burpees we want a steady and constant speed, these shouldn’t be so heavy that will force athletes to stop at any point. 5 pull-ups shouldn’t be a problem, make sure athletes pick a scaling option that allows them to move through them quickly. Overall, we’re looking at sub 3:00 per round giving to a 25:00 cap.

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