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Spark CrossFit – MOVE + LIFT

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Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds:

6 Suitcase Good Morning (Dumbbells trace down side of legs from waist)

50’ Farmer Carry

6 Kneeling Strict Press (Right)

‘50 OH Carry (Right)

6 Kneeling Strict Presses (Left)

‘50 OH Carry (Left)

6 DB Bent Over Rows


Metcon (Calories)


MIN 1 — Max Cal Bike

MIN 2 — 12 DB Push Press (35/25) + 5 Burpees

MIN 3 — 12 DB Suitcase Lunges + 5 Burpees

MIN 4 — Rest

Rx+= (50,35)
Moderately long interval workout with monostructural, gymnastic, and weightlifting implements. Volume is moderate, with weight on the moderate to high side depending on capacity. Unbroken for DB movements and hard effort on the bike even if calorie expectancy drops off – keep individual relative perceived effort high.

Cool Down

Metcon (No Measure)

5:00 Foam Rolling Focused on Quads & IT Band
Contrary to popular belief, it is actually not good to foam roll the IT band (lateral side of the leg that goes from the hip to the knee). Foam rolling helps relax the muscles as a sort of self massage. Only thing is, the IT band isn’t a muscle – it’s a tendon! Second to that, is there is a nerve that runs just underneath the IT band that we don’t want to be placing pressure onto!

Instead, we want to address the muscles that may be affecting the IT band. Usually those muscles are the glutes, quads, or hamstrings. How do they affect the IT band? Overuse, underuse, injury, compensation… or a combination of other factors. Being that we addressed the glutes and quads, if there is still IT band area pain, we could then take a look at the hamstring and if we need to roll out the hamstrings! But a greater question to be answered, is maybe if there are imbalances that need to be worked relative to that individual experiencing IT band pain. Are they a quad dominant squatter/lifter? Do their knees usually cave in squats? Let’s help them find the source, rather than chase the pain!