Spark CrossFit – JUST MOVE

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Warm-up (No Measure)

1:00 Row (EZ MOD Effort)

25ft. High Knees

1:00 Bike (Mod Effort)

25ft. Butt Kickers

100m Run (Hard Effort)

10 Straight Leg Swings (forward/back + Side to Side)


Metcon (Time)


750/500m Row

600m Run

40/30 Cal Bike

-Rest 2:00-

40/30 Cal Bike

600m Run

750/500m Row

-20:00 Hard Cap-
This workout is a long, steady effort. Athletes should aim to feel good and keep their breathing under control while going

through each round.

Maintaining a solid breathing pattern will be crucial here. For your athletes, talk them through inhaling

through their nose and exhaling out of their mouth.

Only during the final efforts on the second round should athletes push their threshold, so make sure they keep enough in the tank for this!

Your firebreathers will be completing each round under 8:00 while most will be slightly above.