🏈 JERSEY FRIDAY!! (Sport’s theme) for this week’s Friday Night Lights! ⚽

Spark CrossFit – JUST MOVE

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Warm-up (No Measure)


:30 Cal. Bike (Moderate Pace)

:15 Rest

:30 Single Arm KB Front Rack Hold (:15 Each Side)

:15 Rest

:30 Single Arm Russian KBS (:15 Each Side)

:15 Rest

:30 Tuck Hold

:15 Rest


Metcon (Weight)


:30 Max Cal. Bike

-:15 Rest-

:30 DBL KB Front Rack Hold

-:15 Rest-

:30 Max DBL Russian KBS

-:15 Rest-

:30 Hollow Hold

-:15 Rest
For our workout, we have a 2:1 Work/Rest ratio and athletes will look to work

for the entire :30 to achieve max reps or a max static hold.

The :15 of rest will go by fast so have athletes pick a pace that they feel confident that they can hold for each set. On the bike, let’s try and see if our advanced athletes can get 8-10 cals and around 15 double Russian KBS.

The static holds are expected to be unbroken and athletes can use this time to quickly recover and lower their heart rate before the next dynamic movement.