Spark CrossFit – JUST MOVE

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Warm-up (No Measure)

With one LIGHT dumbbell …


10 Alt. Bodyweight Lunges

8 Cal. Bike (conversational pace)

5/5 Single Arm DB Deadlift (DB btwn. legs)

10 Alt. Bodyweight Jumping Lunges

6 Cal. Bike (Pace for the workout)

5/5 Upright High Pull + Punch*

10 Alt. Lunges w/DB (experiment how to hold the DB)

4 Cal. Bike SPRINT (not the pace for the workout)

5/5 DB Muscle Snatch

*High Pull + Punch: No jump, but remain in a standing position, pull the elbow high and outside, then flick the wrist to turn the dumbbell overhead.


Metcon (Time)



Alt. DB Snatch

Alt. Single DB Lunges**

*10 Cal Bike After Every Full Set

**Athlete can hold DB any way

-15:00 Hard Cap-
A “for time” workout, with a 15-minute time cap. Rather than this being a 15-minute AMRAP, we want athletes to push their pace on this one and see how fast they can knock it out of the park. Your seasoned athletes will finish 12-14 minutes, with others trailing at the tail end of that final minute.

Some will be able to move through those snatches unbroken – awesome! Your newer or deconditioned athletes may need to consider breaking that first round of 40 snatches into 3 sets, but no more! Choose a weight that you can comfortably go 20+ reps, unbroken.

The lunges need to be smooth and steady; going forward or reverse. Remember, it’s 40-30-20-10 TOTAL!

Challenge your fitter athletes to not set the DB down at all, from when they pick it up at the start of their snatches through their final lunge of each set.