Workout of the Day, 12/07/2018

Spark CrossFit – Spark60

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Warm-up (No Measure)


30 Single Unders

10 Alt. DB Renegade Rows

5 Devil’s Press


Metcon (Weight)


10 DB Bench Press

8 Feet Elevated Ring Rows

1:00 Side Plank each side

-Rest 1:00-
Our strength is moderate duration with some powerlifting and gymnastics work. Loading should be moderate to moderate-heavy so that athletes are just barely completing the entire set but still going unbroken. In the side plank we are shooting for big sets each round. If the athlete cannot hold the entire minute go for as long as possible each round and try to quickly go back into the side plank. Encourage your athletes to get a good pump going here.


Metcon (Time)


10 Right Arm Hang DB Snatch (35/20)

30 Double Unders

10 Left Arm Hang DB Snatch (35,20)

30 Double Unders

Rx+= (50,35)

*15 min cap
Workout today is short to moderate duration with a higher skill monostructural movement and weightlifting with moderate loading. Those DBs are going to really hit that grip and and jumping rope is going to tax their shoulders. Using sound technique is going to be key here. We don’t want athletes to death grip those DBs and lose their grip early in the set. Instead they should rely on their hips to get the DB moving overhead and punching up. The focus on the jump rope should be in the wrist turning over while trying to relax the grip on the handles.

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