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“One thing you can’t recycle is wasted time.” – Harold V. Melchert

Competitor Extra – before or after class WOD

EXTRA: Clean + Jerk Complex (3 cleans + 1 jerk, Every 3-4 minutes)





EXTRA: Clean Pull ((95%/3 reps) x 4 sets)

Class WOD

Tabata Jump Rope Warm-up (No Measure)


2-side to side

3-in and out

4-one foot at a time

5-high knees

6-butt kickers


7-dubs or triple attempts

Joint Prep Warm up (No Measure)

Clean Warm Up and Progression (No Measure)

5-7 reps of each…

– Setup

-to knee

-Knee to power position

-Dip & Shrug

-Power position to muscle clean

-Front Rack Stretch

-Front Squat

-High Hang Clean

-Slow clean from knee

-Slow clean from mid-shin

Take 8 Minutes to build up for todays workout and get equipment sorted. Partner up on a rower with someone of similar skill level to make best use of equipment and have partner B start their workout 1:30-2:00 in.

Sq clean/AB/DUBS 71417 (Time)

10 Rounds:

5 Squat Cleans

10/7 Calories

30 Double Unders

*1:00 rest between rounds

(25:00 time cap)


Interval style workout with built in rest. Rounds should take between 1:00-1:30 and be fast sprints. Scale to keep the rounds at this pace and partner up to make the best use of the rowers. Faster times will be around 20:00 with rest included.
Advanced (RX+): 135/95 cals on Assault bike

RX: 115/75, cals on rower

Scaled/Novice: med ball squat cleans or reduce DB weights to allow for high quality squat cleans. 50 Single unders


Cool Down

Lower Body Cool Down (No Measure)

Couch x :60/side

Frog x :60

Forward Fold x :60

Foam Roll Hamstring & Quads x 90-120 Seconds