What makes CrossFit Black Storm different from other fitness gyms/studios/clubs you ask?

FullSizeRender3There are quite a few things that makes Black Storm a different gym from other places that offer fitness. An obvious one being that we specialize in CrossFit is a great place to start, an all encompassing style of workout that includes olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, running, rowing, throwing, gymnastics, climbing and more. One Monday we may have you do a one-rep max Clean and Jerk and following that up with a timed workout of rope climbs, box jumps, and handstand push-ups. The program is constantly varied, not random, but varied, meaning that we specialize in not specializing. If you find a repetitive schedule of back and bi’s, and chest and tri’s boring and you want to focus on more all-around performance then you’ll love CrossFit.

Aside from our prescription for fitness, we pride ourselves on also being a unique community of people brought to together for one reason, to get and stay fit. I believe gym’s have personalities just like people, and you have to find the gym that matches you best or you’re likely to lose interest. I would say our personality is youthful and driven, we are less than a mile from the Arizona State University campus in Tempe, Old Town Scottsdale is not to far to the north and Downtown Phoenix is a few miles to the west. So our demographics tilt to a more youthful, outgoing and motivated group of members who love to help and motivate others, and people like that fit in well here.

We do a lot of social events and BLACK STORM GROUPunplanned gatherings outside the gym. Local competitions, barbecues, ball games, pool parties and casual nights out are all regular occurrences here. Because of our location near the business hub of Tempe and east Phoenix we also get a lot of people who live elsewhere in the valley but work nearby, especially during our lunchtime and morning classes.

Because of the driven nature of our members, many start out just wanting to reach some baseline level of fitness but many seem to gravitate towards competing. Whether it be everyday among each other at the box or registering and training for local competitions. Even at less than a year of being open we had a great turnout for the 2015 CrossFit Games Open and placed well ahead of many gyms who have been together much longer. We definitely have aspirations of proving our fitness for years to come on a regional level with our top individuals and team.

Our coaches come from all types of backgrounds, from bodybuilding, to mixed martials arts, to college level competitive teams sports our staff has been brought together because of one common thread, we love CrossFit, we love helping people and it has changed our lives in some way or another. As I write this we have 5 coaches with 25 different credentials, our staff has grown mostly from within and they’re always on the quest for more knowledge.

paulgymOur facility is a little larger than most at 5,000+ square feet, a large rig runs down the middle, with ropes hanging from the ceilings and barbells racks mounted to south wall. There are weightlifting platforms and competition bars/plates in the east end of the gym where our weightlifters and competition level athletes usually train. Almost all of our equipment is made in the USA by Rogue, the same gear they use at the CrossFit Games, we felt it was worth the extra cost to have quality barbells in our members hands. When I started CrossFit, nothing drove me more crazy than being stuck with a choice of bent up, mix-matched chinese made barbells that didn’t spin well.

We’ve also invested in a gym management software called Wodify, which comes at 2-3 times the cost of other gym management software. Why? Because it allows our athletes access to comprehensive workout and progress tracking data.  Instead of writing results on a whiteboard or chalkboard like most CrossFit gyms have, we enter all your results into Wodify through two large TV’s mounted in the gym. It automatically stores your results and keeps it available to you at all times, we love that it let’s the community know that a member has set a new personal record lift or workout time. It also includes an app for both iPhone and Droid devices that makes scheduling super convenient for our members.

One other unique feature we have is our front reception area is separate from the gym space, we feel this gives our a space to chill out after workout where it isn’t as crowded and the music isn’t as loud. We also have two physical therapists on staff who have a room where our members can get help with mobility issues or recovery treatments if necessary.

When our members travel and drop-in at other gyms it’s pretty common for them to come back and let us know how much they missed the gym, the coaches and that they’re grateful for what we’ve put into Black Storm. A gym needs to have its own personality forged by it’s community, not just be an extension of the ownership.

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A): Overhead Squat (12 minutes to build to a 1RM)

B): Helen (Time)

3 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings, 53# / 35#
12 Pull-ups