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Warm Up and Skill

Warm-up (No Measure)

GENERAL WARM-UP (0:00-15:00)

1) Tabata Jump Rope Drill Set #1- 8 intervals.

1- Singles

2- Side to Side bunny hop

3- Alternating legs

4- In and out

5- High knee

6- Butt Kickers

7- Double Under

8- Double Under or Triple Under

*Go through the series 1 time. Spending 20 seconds at each movement and resting 10 seconds between movements

2) 2 Rounds

3/3 Turkish Get-ups

6 Medicine Ball Goblet Squats (stand arms length away from wall)

10 Light Single Arm OH Walking Lunge

30 second Hands on Box Shoulder Stretch


Coach will demonstrate the wraps for the rope climb and the scaling options for the movement. Allow time practice this movement during the the build up phase.


3 Rounds

4 OH Lunge Steps (increase load each round)

10 Double Unders

4 Wall Ball

1 Rope Climb (do this only on the first round)


Regionals Workout #3 (Time)

2017 Regional Workout #3

100 Foot Single Arm OH Lunge (50/35 lb DB))

100 Double Unders

50 Wall Ball (20/14)

10 Rope Climbs (15 feet)

50 Wall Ball

100 Double Unders

100 Foot Single Arm OH Lunge

Time Cap: 20 minutes

@80 lb DB

Wall ball @30/20


Regional chipper workout that that is shoulder and leg intensive. We have extended the time cap to 20 min (from 16:00).

Scaling Options (No Measure)


1) Intermediate

-Reduce Dumbell OH Lunge weight

-Reduce Wall balls to 25 each set

-Reduce Rope Climbs to 5

2) Novice

-Sub Goblet walking lunge with single KB or Front rack walking lunge with 2x DB’s

-Ring rows or banded Pull-ups instead of rope climbs.

-single unders x 100 each set

Cool Down

Cool Down (No Measure)

Row or bike 3-5 minutes easy