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“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it!” – Jonathan Winters

Class WOD

Line Drill Warm Up (No Measure)

200 Meter Run


Line Drills:

200 Meter Run

Quad Stretch

Knee to Chest

Solder Kicks

Knuckle Drags

Side Lunge

Walking Samson

Walking Spidermans

Inch worms

Toe Walk

3 Air Squats + Broad Jump

High Knees

Butt Kickers

Skip for Height

Skip for Distance

Hang Clean Warm Up and Progression (No Measure)

3-5 reps of each…

-Setup (at knee)

-Knee to power position

-Dip & Shrug

-Power position to muscle clean

-Front Rack Stretch

-Front Squat

-High Hang Clean

-Slow clean from knee

-Slow clean from mid-shin

CLASS: Hang Power Clean (10:00 to Build up to todays heavy set of 3 reps)

Starting with an empty barbell. Use this time to get a little heavy if you’re technique is good. Also, prepare and find a weight for today’s metcon.

CLASS: 918 (WB/HPC) (Time)

5 Rounds for time of:

200m Run

20 Wall balls

10 Hang Power Cleans

(16:00 time cap)


For the hang cleans the weight should be a weight that can easily be done for 15+ reps when fresh. Early rounds of wall balls can be done unbroken, The top times should break 12 minutes with mostly unbroken sets of work.

RX+ @ 155/105

RX @ 135/95


-DB Hang Power Cleans

-Air Squats, Goblet squat or wall ball with reduced weight.

Hang Power Clean P.O.P. & Demo (No Measure)

Coach will demo the hang power clean and discuss today’s point of performance.

The Setup

The athlete builds tension in the posterior chain for the start of the lift with flat back, shoulders back and slight bend to the knees with weight in the heels.

Hips Back on Catch

What is sometimes seen on the power clean is athletes catching with the hips forward and shoulders back. This is more of a power lean than a power clean. Looking for athletes to catch each rep with the hips back. From the catch of the power clean, each person should be able to smoothly transition to a front squat if they had to. Thinking of squat cleaning the bar, only to cut it off above parallel is a great way to address this fault.

Pull Under on Catch

Thinking about the action of the squat clean will also help athletes pull under the bar. As long as the bar is received above parallel, it is still considered a power clean. Over the course of 20 minutes, pulling the body under the bar as opposed to pulling the bar all the way up to a standing position will help athletes preserve their pull and cycle these repetitions at a steadier pace.

Competitor Extra – before or after class WOD

COMP: Back Squat (3 sets of 8 reps at 65-70%)

Perform based off of new 1RM

COMP: Snatch Grip Deadlift ((90%/5)X 5 sets)

3 second pause in power position