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“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” – Sven Goran Eriksson

Class WOD

Running / Dynamic / Front Squat Warm up (No Measure)

GENERAL WARM-UP (0:00-12:00)

1) Running Warm-up

2) Dynamic Mobility

10/side Lying Dynamic Hamstring Stretch

10 Rollover V-Sits

10 Lying Leg Crossovers

10 Lateral Lunges

TRANSITION (12:00-17:00)

Coach will cover the Front Squat points of performance:

-unracking the barbell

-front rack position

-foot placement

-Weight in foot

-knee plane

-squat depth


CLASS: Front Squat (Every 2:30 for 5 sets: 5 reps @ 80%)

Same weight for all sets, 80% of 1RM for a challenging set of 5 reps for 5 sets

CLASS: Diane (Time)

Deadlifts, 225# / 155#
Handstand Push-ups
(10:00 time cap)


Diane is intended to be short duration sprint in the sub 8 minute range. Athlete should scale the deadlift weights and HSPU to a progression that allows them to keep the same level of intensity

Scaled @

-reduce deadlift weights

HSPU subs

– with abmats

-L-seated press

-7/5/3 wall walks

-HS kickups

Cool Down

3 Way banded Shoulder Cool Down (No Measure)

45 second for each arm for each position:

Lat Stretch

Front Rack Stretch

Cross-body Stretch

If time permits class with finish with rolling out glutes and lower back, if not, do this on your own after class today.

Competitor Extra – before or after class WOD

EXTRA: Clean and Jerk (Every 2-3 minutes)







EXTRA: Clean Pull ((105%/3)4)