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A): Weighted Pull-ups (3 sets of 2 reps)

Increase weight each set

Rest :30 second and then complete a set of part A2 after each round

If you do not have body weight pull ups then work down to the lightest band possible with strict pull ups with a 3 second chin over bar hold at the top of each rep.

A1): Metcon (No Measure)

Nose to Wall Handstand Hold x 30-45 seconds (no measure)

Rest 2:00 before alternating with your next set of A1 each round

B): Metcon (Time)

5 rounds for time of:

7 Handstand Push Ups

5 Toes to Bar

3 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

1 Bar Muscle Up

(15:00 time cap)
Scaled Version

5 rounds for time of:

8 L-seated dumbbell press

8 strict hanging knee raise

6 pull ups

6 push ups

*banded strict pull ups and knee push-ups okay for further scaling.