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“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Competitor Extra – before or after class WOD

Power Snatch ((75%/3)5)

Snatch Pull ((85%/3)5)

Class WOD

Shoulder Prep Warm-up 1 (No Measure)

10 Arm circles Front (small to big)

10 Arm Circles Back (small to big)

10 Side to Side Arm Swings

10 Criss Cross Arm Swings per side

10 Up and Back Arm Swings

5/5/5 PVC Pass Through (5 wide, 5 medium, 5 narrow)

10 Reverse Grip Pass Through

20 Band Pull aparts

15 Scap Retractions on Bar

15 Ring Rows

15 Box or Bench Dips

10 Kips on Bar (go from small to big)

Push Press Progression x 5-7 reps each movement


8 Minutes to build up to your working weight for all 5 sets of todays workout.


Push Press (Every 2 Minutes: 5 sets of 5 reps @ 75% of 1RM)

Novice will use this time to work in sets of 5 and focus on the technique of the Push Press at lighter loads

Deadlift / Situps 71017 (Time)

15-12-9-6-3 Deadlifts

30-24-18-12-6 Abmat Situps

(10:00 Time Cap)
Advanced (RX+):


RX: 185/135

Novice: 135/95 or lighter scaling. Reduce Situps reps to 20/16/12/8/4

Cool Down

3 Way banded Shoulder Cool Down (No Measure)

45 second for each arm for each position:

Lat Stretch

Front Rack Stretch

Cross-body Stretch

If time permits class with finish with rolling out glutes and lower back, if not, do this on your own after class today.