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“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.” – Vernon Law

Class WOD

Rowling Warm-Up (No Measure)

Today’s group warmup is a great opportunity to have some fun and evaluate the group and individual faults on the rower. Partner up athletes on an erg and have them complete 5 rounds each of “Rowling”. Goal here is to land exactly on 100 Meters without going over or under. If an athlete lands on 97 or 103 meters, their score is 3. If someone gets a “strike” by landing exactly on 100, they get to choose the groups penalty, typically a simple bodyweight movement (air squats, burpees, push-ups, etc.)

Clean Warm Up and Progression (No Measure)

5-7 reps of each…

– Setup

-to knee

-Knee to power position

-Dip & Shrug

-Power position to muscle clean

-Front Rack Stretch

-Front Squat

-High Hang Clean

-Slow clean from knee

-Slow clean from mid-shin

Push Jerk Progression (No Measure)

1. Jump and Land (hands only)

2. Jump and Land with thumbs (hands only)

3. Jump-Punch-Land (hands only)

4. Push Jerk (w/ PVC)


3 Position Clean + Jerk (15 Minutes to build up to todays heavy complex)

1 high hang clean + 1 low hang clean + 1 clean from ground + 1 Jerk

Starting with an empty bar, build up to a challenging complex while making technique a priority. The 3 position clean is a great opportunity for learning and position work. Today is not a max day so save that for another time.

“Drop Dead” (Tabata style situps & DL) (AMRAP – Reps)

4 rounds of 4 x (:20 seconds on, :10 seconds off) each





Not much gaming on this Tabata style conditioning piece. On the deadlift, using a mixed grip and keeping the bar close will save the grip and keep backs from flaring up. Tabata style, the group will complete all 16 total rounds of :20 seconds of work and :10 seconds of rest. Starting with 4 rounds at one station before advancing to the next. Keep track and score as total reps.

RX+ @ 155/105

RX @ 135/95

Scaled @ reduce weight allowing for good form at higher reps

Competitor Extra – before or after class WOD

Front Squat ((70%/5) x 3 sets)